Lexington Kentucky Sedentary Parade


A whole lot of nothin’ goin’ on.

When someone ‘fails’ you, you can respond in one of two ways. The first is to get into defensive and denial mode. Or you can embrace it with a smile, thank for the feedback, and resolve to take it to heart and improve. Or just embrace it even further by dishing up even more.  Lexington, Kentucky celebrated the a day failing to do anything with its ‘Sedentary Parade’

  • “By design, a lot of nothing was going on Sunday afternoon during Lexington’s Sedentary Parade, which poked fun at the city being named America’s least active by Men’s Health magazine. Mayor Jim Gray led the "parade" sitting on a couch atop an electric cart, complete with a table for putting your feet up. Members of the March Madness Marching Band, some wearing pajama pants, pretended to fall asleep in the streets. And people who lined the sidewalks just did a lot of sitting around. ‘I thought it would be exciting to make fun of the article that said we were the most sedentary city because I don’t think it’s true at all,’ said Alicia Helm McCorvey, who sat during the parade with her daughter Julia McCorvey”

Perhaps the best way to celebrate ‘Boring Day’ in the future.