Art Mortell - The Courage to Fail


Geoffrey James (my favourite pundit on selling) features ‘Turn Failure into Success: 10 Ways’, but they really are ten affirmations to tell yourself in the embrace of failure taken from a conversation with Art Mortell, author of the book James highly recommends, The Courage to Fail

  1. Failure renews my humility, sharpens my objectivity, and makes me more resilient.
  2. I take the challenge seriously, but I do not take myself too seriously.
  3. If the more I fail, the more I succeed, then failure is a part of the process of achieving my objectives.
  4. Failure is temporary when I use it as an opportunity to try new ideas.
  5. I learn more from failure than success.
  6. Negative feedback is information that helps me correct my course so that I stay on target.
  7. I am paid for the number of times I fail.
  8. My self-esteem is not based on the reactions of others, but by my own sense of virtue.
  9. The unkindness of others reminds me that I need to be kind to myself.
  10. It takes courage to fail–because nobody ever got ahead without taking risks.

I often get asked for specific suggestions of ‘how to embrace failure’. What can one do to help change the mind-set?  When I read these ’10 Ways’, they really struck me as mantras one could repeat o a periodic basis to focus the mind and the spirit on turning adversity to advantage.