Things and People Are Not Failures” – Bruce’s Second Law of Failure

Entrepreneur magazine featured a well done piece ‘Embracing Failure on the Path to Success’ by James Marshall Reilly. It featured some case studies including Yes To hair and skin care products, as well as TOMS shoes. But I especially linked the first section which really illustrated my 2nd Law of Failure (above)…

  • “I consistently observed that those in the top tier of success don’t internalize failure in the same way that most people do. For them, failure is not a reflection of self. It is completely objectified and isolated, believed to be an experience from which to learn, a measure of the inability to accomplish one specific task at a single moment in time, or the result of variables that likely have little to do with the individual in question. Nothing more. During the hundreds of hours I spent with cutting-edge ideators, entrepreneurs and leaders, regardless of their respective goals or definition of success, failure was never a topic about which they were guarded or reserved. In fact, in many cases successful individuals were even more enthused to discuss their failures than their successes. An unemotional relationship with failure is a contributing factor to why some people succeed.”

It also linked to an earlier piece of its own with 5 rules…’Five Rules to Rebound from Failure’ most of which focus on wholehearted acceptance, ‘embrace’ if you will, with an echo of Law #2 in #3 below…

  1. Don’t pretend it never happened” (acceptance)
  2. Avoid making excuses” (acceptance)
  3. Don’t confuse a failed goal for a failed person
  4. Remember you are not alone” (acceptance)
  5. Focus on the lessons learned