Brainpickings artists on failure


Today kicks off the Vimeo Festival and Awards. Vimeo is where I post my personal videos the most prominent of which have been the ones I produced for my wife Lori’s Birthday celebrations. After all the years of planning for a series of events that would be capped an admittedly tongue-in-cheeky parody video, the grand hit of the entire of day was, appropriately…my failures. Our daughter, Isley, put together a collection of outtakes from our filming of the birthday video that so delighted Lori that for the subsequent fortnight she started every day watching it just to put a smile on her face.

Vimeo is chock full of other videos celebrating failure especially Brainpickings exhibition of videos of artists speaking on the topic in their post ‘Famous Creators on the Fear of Failure’ (hat tip to Oprah).

Sono su un cavalo!