Motivation and Habit


You just have your routine and you get up and you do what you have to do.”

That was the advice from Peter Chambers of the Great Britain Men’s Lightweight Four who honoured the Team Borlase Rowing Dinner this weekend along with his teammate and brother Richard Chambers (see photo below) on how one maintains perseverance through the hardships and lows of training. Nonetheless, the inspiration was put into perspective by the best line of the evening from Emily Jenkins-Pandya’s Captain Speech quoting teammate Becca Taylor at rowing camp, “I don’t want to go to sleep because then I know when I wake up I will have to do it all over again.”

It evoked a piece that Susanne Dansey posted recently with the illustration above. Again, I love the message of balance.

Leaders get you started, Managers keep you going.


Richard Chambers and Peter Chambers Team Borlase Rowing