Red Bee Media Piero Ealing Cross


We’ve moved!

My workplace at Red Bee Piero that is. From White City in the shadow the BBC (soon to be itself a shadow with its own transplant up north to Salford). Such pivotal workplace events have a special interest for me and my other writing pursuit on the concepts of Dynamic Work. The move has overhauled our work environment and we once we suss out our new space a bit more we are looking forward to implementing even more ambitious innovations in how we work.

The move has not been without its detractors and disruptions. Despite the fact that we packed up everything at the end of last week and arrived on Monday, unpacked and we were working by midday, all was not totally smooth. The move was a compelling event for making some changes and upgrades to our technical infrastructure resulting in a day or so without easy access to mail. Despite the frustrations, the process of getting the fixes to upgrades sorted out identified some other lingering problems in my computer that I had struggled with for months without success. I have been to the Apple Store Genius bar and IT Helpdesk and none of them could figure these few problems. Being more annoying than showstoppers, I just worked around them. But in troubleshooting the upgrades, the technician identified a few settings in my machine that he tweaked which not only set things up for the upgrade, but fixed these long standing issues. When I was trying to get someone to repair a problem based on the symptoms, everyone got stymied. But when the occasion for some disruption introduced a new random individual with a completely fresh perspective, he made changes that addressed more than the issue at hand.

Sometimes a fresh shake-up can do more good than planned. Sometimes it is the inevitable failures endemic with Murphy’s Law that present unparalleled opportunity to bigger upsides.

Embrace the failure of a smooth operations to stir up new ways of working, clear out old junk, and inject new perspectives.