Two baby feet

Happy Father’s Day!

Our Development Manager (and proud new dad) Sean Hosking has been integrating ‘Agile Development’ approaches in our dev team for some time now. He shared this piece from Agile Open which contained a number of gems not just about managing development projects, but leadership and management in general…

One of Agile Open’s concepts is ‘Open Space’ which covers the principles behind business meetings. Not only do these principles support many I notions I advocate in Dynamic Work, but also I particularly applaud the Leadership/Management parallels of the ‘Law of Two Feet’…

“The Law of Two Feet — a foot of passion and a foot of responsibility — expresses the core idea of taking responsibility for what you love. In practical terms, the law says that if you’re neither contributing nor getting value where you are, use your two feet (or available form of mobility) and go somewhere where you can. It is also a reminder to stand up for your passion.”

Leaders step forward with the foot of passion, Managers step forward with the foot of responsibility. Both together march towards the greatest progress.