US Olympic Diving Trials


It’s Championship Time!

Stanley Cup, NBA Finals (congrats Le Bron…triple-double respect), Euro 2012 (go England…and Piero!). And of course, the now rising crescendo of London 2012 Olympic Games final build up. Hats of to my Borlase Rowing fellow coach Chris Bartley for his boat’s gold medal victory in the final Rowing World Cup event which sets out the GB Rowing final team (and bodes well for a strong result from these Men’s Lightweight Fours).

Around the world, countries are finalising their Olympic rosters. In fact, this week I am at the USA Olympic Diving Trials (see photo above) where Piero is being tested with some pioneering new features and effects for the sport (check out NBC Sports coverage).

These trials and final competitions are where the elite undertake their final preparation. I’ve written about preparing for competition here and elsewhere before. Preparation is where you embrace failure, because execution is where do not want any failure (the 4th Law of Failure). Get your mistakes out of your system on the practice floor.

No less so for business than for athletes. The Piero team have been stymied by a number of gotchas, bugs and issues in our first few days here in Seattle, but that was the objective. The ‘Trials’ for us are literally a ‘trial’ to test and refine the innovation for the big stage in London. So from that perspective, despite the headaches and stress, it has been a win all around for us.

The poster child for Olympic stardom, Usain Bolt tweeted a particularly apropos dictum….

“The perfect quote for 2012 ‘The will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital"

Leaders have the will to win. Managers have the will to prepare. Both together win championships.