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Dissatisfaction is the mother of all innovation. It was the source of me creating Maldives Complete. Today I am off to the South Ari atoll for a week of tropical adventure like whale shark encounters, but mostly I am doing my annual research for Maldives Complete. It all started when I was trying to research our first trip to this tropical paradise many years ago. I was pissed off that all I could find on the web was little bits of information decorated by the same old stock pictures of tropical fish and palm trees crowded by lots of banners and adverts trying to sell me an expensive holiday. I started gathering my own collection of research which I shared freely with friends over email. The trove of data eventually evolved into the database and website you see today which is widely regarded as one of the best on the subject.

Friend and inspiration Hugh MacLeod attributes such initiative to the ‘Pissed Off Gene’

  • “Human beings have this thing I call the ‘Pissed Off Gene’. It’s that bit of our psyche that makes us utterly dissatisfied with our lot, no matter how kindly fortune smiles upon us. It’s there for a reason. Back in our early caveman days, being pissed off made us more likely to get off our butt, get out of the cave and into the tundra hunting woolly mammoth, so we’d have something to eat for supper. It’s a survival mechanism. Damn useful then, damn useful now. It’s this same Pissed Off Gene that makes us want to create anything in the first place- drawings, violin sonatas, meat packing companies, websites. This same gene drove us to discover how to make a fire, the wheel, the bow and arrow, indoor plumbing, the personal computer, the list is endless. Part of understanding the creative urge is understanding that it’s primal. Wanting to change the world is not a noble calling, it’s a primal calling. We think we’re "providing a superior integrated logistic system" or "helping America to really taste freshness". In fact we’re just pissed off and want to get the hell out of the cave and kill the woolly mammoth.”

Embrace failures with the ‘pissed off gene’ that triggers inspiration of creativity and change.