Gapingvoid Icarus


As I wing my way to the remote islands of sun and seawater, the story of Icarus Dedalus seems apropos. To recap, the sage father Daedalus warned Icarus that flying too close to the sun could melt the wax affixing the feathers to the frame of the wings, and flying too close to the sea could foul the rigging with moisture. That delicate balance, which ended in calamity, is a great allegory to the balance of life and business. Especially in the domain of Leadership and Management.

Hugh penned a piece which demarcated these qualities starkly…

  • “We all imagine greatness. Straddling the breach between who we imagine we are and who we really are, is one of our greatest existential challenges. We can live a life of self delusion or align our dreams with our capabilities. Aim high, strive, and know that we can achieve greatness, if we are clear on a path.” – Hugh

Dreams without capabilities is delusion. Capabilities without dream is seclusion.

Prepare beyond your capabilities, execute within them.

Leaders keep low achievers away from the sea;  Managers keep high flyers away from the sun.