Gapingvoid - Now What


Economies aren’t the only things that can re-invent themselves. Sometimes the pressures of the bad economy are the catalyst for our own personal reinvention.

  • ’Now What’ obviously relates to middle age angst, but now that this cartoon has been kicking around a while, I think it relates to the whole human condition and question that we should be asking ourselves often. Very often.”

Hugh also tackles the death of dreams in his post ‘Doubting Thomas’:

  • “I drew this cartoon [see below] earlier this evening. It’s conveys the state I found myself in, back in New York a decade ago, when I was doing what I consider to be my best, or at least, my most formative work. No artist wants their best work behind them. No human being wants their best days behind them. Yet my Inner Doubting Thomas keeps telling me, I’ll never be that young again; I’ll never have my work be that fresh & new again. Nor, sadly, will the world, at least to me. To Hell with it. I’ll carry on, regardless. And of course, so will you, at whatever insanely impractical path you chose for yourself. We knew what we were doing, when we signed up for this tour of duty. We still have a few tricks up our sleeves, don’t we?”


Gapingvoid - Confused Enraged