Failure Club


Failure Club is perhaps the human ‘Museum of Failure’.

Unlike the Apprentice and Dragons Den which are pitches, this online documentary follows these seven entrepreneurs are they pursue their dreams.

  • “In Failure Club, members learn to defy the fears associated with ‘failure’ by pursuing seemingly impossible goals that they set for themselves. From the outset, failure is not only a highly probable outcome, it is the desired outcome. Only through embracing the reality of failure can its’ societal stigmas be stripped away and replaced with an inspirational alternative. The Failure Club process will rewire you to look at ‘failure’ as acceptable and even fun. It is only then that one discovers that most of life’s limitations are arbitrary, self-imposed, and based on fear. And when we overcome that fear, we blow away our self-inflicted limits, and we will each achieve results that appear miraculous. The Failure Club was founded in 2004 by Gunil Chung, Philip Kiracofe, and 7 courageous friends. The Failure Club show on Yahoo is a collaboration between Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets and Horizen Partners.”

There are 60 episodes of about 6 minutes produced so far. Another part of the project that touched on my blog was the constant references by the central characters to “chasing their dreams.” It will be curious to see the denouement of this mini-series and they embrace failure to the extent of letting certain dreams die in the end.