“A no-win situation is a possibility that every commander may face.” – Captain Kirk

Today is the big finale to an event of galactic scope. Not the Olympics. The Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas! And with it a number of illustrations of embracing failure from Elish Bul-Godley’s piece ‘8 Leadership And Management Lessons Onboard The Starship Enterprise’…

  • # 4. The Enterprise has a Self Destruct Button – All Trekkie Fans know the Enterprise is more than just a ship, it’s an idea. The captain is never afraid of pressing a self destruct button because: (a) it will be for the greater cause and (b) a new Enterprise will soon take its place. As a leader, know this: The core of your organization is the greater than the sum of its balance sheet, the building it inhabits or the number of people it is composed of. It is an idea , a concept and an ideal that should be easily reinvented and strong enough to undergo a process of creative destruction if necessary, as you chart your way through a changing economic landscape.”
  • # 8. The “Kobayashi Maru Test” – There was a special test in the Starfleet Academy that simulated a no-win situation for aspiring commanders. The key lesson here was to teach future Leaders how to cope and develop the necessary strength of character and discipline required in a losing battle. It forced future leaders to take full responsibility for their predicament against the odds. Have you had a Kobayashi Maru Test in your own career and what would you do in a no win-situation?

Fail often and prosper!