Happy Birthday Warren Buffet.

It appears that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are soul mates not just in their pioneering generosity, but also in their ready embrace of failure. Buffet tells philanthropists to fail more….

  • “Buffett, who last year tried to persuade U.S. billionaires to commit more than half of their wealth to charity by signing on to the Giving Pledge, says that philanthropists must be prepared to fail, and that if they’re not seeing some failure then they aren’t risking enough. ‘If everything they do is successful, they’re a failure,’ Buffett says of his children, all three philanthropists. ‘Because it means they’re taking on things that are too easy. They should be taking on things that are tougher.’”

He also practices what he preaches at his own thriving enterprise Berkshire Hathaway…

  • “We make mistakes. It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t make mistakes. If I went out and played golf and every one of the eighteen holes I made a hole, I wouldn’t be playing golf for very long. You have to go into the rough occasionally to make the game interesting. Not too often though.”

Perhaps there is a link between generosity and embracing failure. Embracing the failure of a big bank account no matter how much money has come your way and the humility which is such an inherent ingredient to the philosophy.