Martin Stutzman Paralympic archery


All week simply awestruck by the Paralympic Games. What these guys and gals do, just boggles the mind. One of the marquee superstars of the Games has to be archer Matt Stutzman.

Paralympic archers suffer from all ranges of impairments, but you would think that the lack of arms would be a bit of a deal breaker. Like so many things in the Paralympics, never underestimate how much a determined individual can achieve no matter how little he or she has been given.

And he is well on his way to that aspiration. Recently, he broke the world record for distance on target. Not ‘paralympic record’…world record. And he embraces his limb-failure as actually an advantage…

  • “I believe how I shoot is an advantage because I use my leg and the leg is the strongest part of my body…I want to be the best archer in the world. Hands down. The best archer in the world.”

Okay, Matt, how many times has someone used the line, ‘Look, Ma!’…