Chet Raymo


  • Doubters suggest that mysteries are to be enjoyed, not solved, and that we will be happier if we regard the universe and existence itself as mysteries.”

Chet provides constant inspiration on the subject of embracing the failure of knowledge with his Science Musings blog. A true sceptic who manages to embrace doubt as a fuel to his appreciation and for the universe, as expressed in his post ‘Laughing in the Dark’ quoted above. And his post ‘Summary’ elaborates on this outlook of sceptical wonderment…

  • “I wrote for the college newspaper nearly fifty years ago, called ‘Under a Skeptical Star.’ I took the title from a quote of the Scots poet/scholar William MacNeile Dixon: ‘If there be a skeptical star I was born under it, yet I have lived all my days in complete astonishment.’ All these years later, that quote could be the epigram for this blog. I wrote in January: Skepticism and astonishment. Doubt everything. Marvel at everything. Go through life drop-jawed. Pay attention to things that seem ostensibly insignificant. Run like hell from anyone who wants to sell you the meaning of life.”

Happy Birthday Chet.