OED Sept-12 new words


The word à jour is ‘Leadagement’. It would join ‘assimilativeness’ (must have been from America), ‘broadband’, and ‘all-arounder’ (not to mention, well actually I did, ‘à jour’) on the list of Oxford English Dictionary’sofficial additions to the English language.

I wish I could take credit for the term, but I found it in a comment by Dr. Bisikay on the Leadership Spot piece on the Difference Between Leadership and Management (naturally). Neither the post, nor the comment, had much new or interesting to bring to the topic…but I did like the term ‘Leadagement’.

It underscores the vital dovetail between the two concepts of ‘Leadership’ and ‘Management’. It is not an ‘either…or’ question; it is an ‘and’ one. Executives who can ‘bat both ways’ are a rare breed indeed. Or should I say cross-breed. Inspired but this turn of phrase, I like the term ‘Leadager’ to capture this sense of melding the two personas.  It is certainly better than ‘Maneader’ which sounds too much like a sexually aggressive woman.  I’ve added the tag ‘leadager’ to the blog to identify all of the posts of those rare examplars.