Happy Birthday Sacha / Borat / Ali G / Aladeen.

The man of many personas. The Sunday Times Profile of Cohen, ‘Sacha Baron Cohen: Kneel, you dogs, this is a comedy coup’ (paywalled), recounted his embrace of failure in developing his ever-morphing, always thriving comedy career…

  • “After graduating he gave himself five years to make it in show business before getting a proper job — probably training as a barrister. He spent a year studying with Philippe Gaulier, a French clown, which may be the second key to his comedy. Gaulier was reviving the lost art of buffoonery, which had been popular at medieval fairs. In an introduction to Gaulier’s book about buffoonery, Baron Cohen later wrote: ‘Imagine my excitement when I heard that, instead of attending one of the ‘great’ British drama schools, where fencing, practising iambic pentameter and ‘memory recollection’ of painful childhood experiences would be the staples of the course, there was a legendary teacher of theatre who was giving courses on how to be a professional idiot.’”