Gapingvoid - At Least I Tried


  • Anything that has form can be overcome; anything that takes shape can be countered. This is why sages conceal their form in nothingness and let their minds soar in the void.” — Huaninanzi (2nd century BC)

The above quote from Huaninanzi reminded me of Hugh’s ‘Gapingvoid’ in the metaphor of ‘soaring into the void’.  But there is also something about the imagery of embracing the failure through concealing one’s ‘form in nothingness’. Hugh’s methodical chaos in the artistic parts of his cartooning evoke a very Pollock-esque aesthetic without form and yet compelling and deliberate all the same.

Hugh has shared his sagacity on many subjects, but especially on embracing failure. Here is another gift from Hugh on the topic titled appropriately “Fail Often”…

  • “I also love Esther Dyson’s great line, “Always make new mistakes” (she’s the well-known futurist and venture capitalist). In fact, I liked it so much that in 2008 I went ahead and made a drawing and gave it to her. Good times. It’s all about the same stuff: That our ability to succeed and to thrive is in direct proportion to our ability to make mistakes and learn from them. It ain’t rocket science, but it’s easily forgotten by some. Myself included. Ouch…”

Happy Birthday Hugh.


Gapingvoid - Fail Often