Group hug for failure!

FailCon has expanded to 6 cities around the world with its marquee San Francisco event held yesterday for the 4th year. Scott Berkun’s blog has a good notes on the high points such as…

  • “It’s amazing to work on the web, and in 2012, because we can fail very quickly and learn, unlike entrepreneurs in other fields and eras.”
  • [Braden Kowitz of Google] He told a story from early at Google where he spent 3 months trying to make a perfect design, not showing his sketches to anyone. He finally showed it, and it was so overdesigned no one could figure it out. Waiting to unveil design is a mistake – it’s not art, it’s something that’s supposed to do something…Design is subtle – no one could have predicted which final design would work…Design then is really about dealing with failure.”
  • “Linear fallacy – most stories about success tell a linear story about how they became so successful. He showed a graph of his product trajectory, which was chaotic and far from a ‘hockey-stick’ [hockey sticks are incredibly abnormal and rare despite how much they are talked about]”

FailCon blog should be posting follow up material from the sessions in the days ahead.