Dilbert - unwarranted optimism


American Politicians are doing their best to shake up the cultural can of soda pop to froth up as many Dream Bubbles as possible these days. The problem is, as Scott Adams artfully describes his post ‘Financial Conspiracy Theories’, when in reality they are shaking you by the ankles…

  • “I think the rich were safe when the average citizen had a clear path to upward mobility. He could get a nice job with a pension, buy a home that appreciated, put some cash in a savings account and wait for compound interest to do its thing. The little guy didn’t hate the rich so much when he thought he had a chance of joining the club, or at least moving in that direction. That all changed. Today, there’s even a debate about whether it makes financial sense to go to college…Notice that the rich have cleverly shifted the blame to Congress. The problem, they hope you believe, is all of the danged government spending and taxing! Focus on that hand, not the one that’s holding you by the ankle and shaking.”

The American Dream is definitely on life support at the moment. It would be nice to think electing a single individual will sort it all out and allow us to resume our slumber. Unfortunately, economic upside is perhaps the part of the nation that the President has the least control over. Global prices for oil, minerals and food stuffs are outside his control. The competitive rise of skills, infrastructure and capabilities of competing nations he can’t do anything about. The inexorable progress in computing technology displacing moderately skilled work is unavoidable. The one thing the President can do is stop the ‘ankle shaking’.