Stuck puppy


  • The way to get unstuck is to start down the wrong path, right now. Step by step, page by page, interaction by interaction. As you start moving, you can’t help but improve, can’t help but incrementally find yourself getting back toward your north star. You might not end up with perfect, but it’s significantly more valuable than being stuck.”

A Seth-urday double-header today. The above insight from Seth’s piece “Best way to get unstuck”. And on a related note, he shared some other thoughts about getting unstuck recently by changing the question. Embrace the failure to come up with the ‘right answer’. His post Stuck advised…

  • It might not be because you can’t find the right answer. It’s almost certainly because you’re asking the wrong question. The more aggressively you redefine the problem, the more likely it is you’re going to solve it. The most successful people I know got that way by ignoring the race to find the elusive, there’s-only-one-and-no-one-has-found-it right answer and instead had the guts to look at the infinite landscape of choices and pick a better problem instead.”

(the picture choice is for Lori)