Gapingvoid - Blogging in Your Underwear


Today is a big day for my blog. Nope, not this one. This one is actually an order of magnitude smaller than my ‘big blog’ (and other website material), Maldives Complete. It turned 4 today, which is nearly half as much as my tenure on here, but the site attracts ten times the traffic.

One of the most common questions I get from fans of the site is ‘Why do you do it?’ (ie. all of the work for apparently no compensation). To make life easier, I actually sat down a wrote a post on the complex motivations that mostly apply to my post here as well.

Many of the sentiments were echoed in Hugh’s latest book ‘Freedom is Blogging in Your Underwear’. One chapter called “Four Beacons” really discusses variations of ‘Dreams’ which is a topic I touch on frequently here and is part of the whole blogging driver…

  • “We spend a lot of our careers being lost at sea…paddling away, not quite sure where we are, hoping to God that a big wave won’t come along and swamp our little boat. And we look for beacons to guide us, to give us hope, to tell us where we are, to show us where the standard is, to show us the way forward. Beacons can be people, products, businesses, or even ideas. Life might suck right now, but one day I’ll land a kick-ass job as creative director for Crispin Porter!’ ‘Life might suck right now, but one day I’ll write as good a novel as Jonathan Franzen. ‘Life might suck right now, but one day our product will be better than SAP or Oracle.!’ These are beacons.”

You do need to make sure you have the right beacons and sometimes you need to change course for those beacons. My beacon for Maldives Complete is to eventually visit ever one of their 129 resort islands (I’m up to 28). I’m might not get there, but the aspiration sustains me during the wet, coldest and dreariest Buckinghamshire days.

Happy Anniversary Maldives Complete!