Christmas ‘Do’ time of year. Last year, our office held its Christmas Office Party by attending the eponymous production of ‘Office Party’. Sort of a participatory performance art parody of Office holiday parties in general as well as other quirks of office life. One of the pieces was a manager giving his inspirational speech to the troops packed with obligatory buzz words and vacuous aphorisms. Two of his slides included the gems…

  • Why ‘Succeeding’ always starts with ‘Suck-ing’
  • Success’ starts with ‘Suck Less’

The best humour has a grain of truth and the failure embracing one obviously touched a chord with me. It reminded me of a great re-tweet from Hugh

  • “Getting emails that ask "How do I become a better woodworker?" Simple. Be a terrible one first. It’s how I started. via @AdamKingStudio.”