Christmas cards are coming fast and furiously now and our own annual arts and crafts project is about to go out in the post. This year’s Merry Christmas missive includes a small nod to one of this blog’s most popular post whose popularity surges this time of year – “Land of the Misfit Toys”.

We’re not alone weaving a small word of embracing failure into our yuletide reflections. Our friend Marjorie Harvey included a piece titled “The Crying Dancing Clown” in her card this year which examined the more sombre side of the holiday season which included a generous dollop of embracing failure wisdom..

  • “Tears, after all, are sacrements…The saddest man is the completely successful man, with nothing more to do, nothing more to overcome. That is why more nervous breakdowns, more divorces, more relapses into alcoholism accompany success than failure. Life without challenge is life on the verge of disintegration…We celebrate life’s ultimate meaning and destiny precisely in the contest of life’s most painful absurdities…Christmas is the festival of the crying, dancing clown.”

Just like a Charlie-in-the-Box.