Happy Birthday Lori!

Lori might think its doomsday with another birthday. In some ways it is. Having ‘shot the wad’ on extravagant celebrations at our half-century mark last year, we have made a pointed (if not exaggerated effort) to down play festivities this year.

The big development of her life in the past year has been moving from two graduate degrees studying to now embarking on her professional career in voice treatment and speech/language therapy. She is working as SLT for the UK Epilepsy Society in Chalfont St. Giles. Every day she confronts a range of challenging cases. On top of that, being a finance stretched charity, she spends a good portion of her job scrounging resources and items that can be used to help and treat her clients.

I thought that appropriate for her day would be this story from Paraguay of where other enterprising musicians are creatively optimising the scant resources available with inspiring results.