Calvin and Hobbes dance


As 2012 winds down, the mind turns to things done and undone. The extended year-end break always seems like the time to catch up on the back burner pile, but family fun and impromptu gatherings always seem to squeeze out the diligent intentions. Still, no regrets as Seth’s Sethurday inspiration explains in his post Dancing on the Edge of the Finished

  • “Before, when your shift was done, you were finished. When the inbox was empty, when the forms were processed, you could stop. Now, of course, there’s always one more tweet to make, post to write, words with friends move to complete. There’s one more bit of email, one more lens you can construct, one more comment you can respond to. If you want to, you can be never finished. And that’s the dance. Facing a sea of infinity, it’s easy to despair, sure that you will never reach dry land, never have the sense of accomplishment of saying, ‘I’m done. ’At the same time, to be finished, done, complete–this is a bit like being dead. The silence and the feeling that maybe that’s all. For the marketer, the freelancer and the entrepreneur, the challenge is to level set, to be comfortable with the undone, with the cycle of never-ending. We were trained to finish our homework, our peas and our chores. Today, we’re never finished, and that’s okay. It’s a dance, not an endless grind.”

For some people, this apparent futility can seem to put dreams of getting ahead and achieving that elusive state of being ‘all caught up’ onto life support. But those who embrace failure realise that this futility is the dream.

Don’t despair. Dance the dance. Live the dream.