Isaac Newton


Happy Birthday to one of the great figures of history transforming our perspective of world…Isaac Newton.

Not only a prophet of a new dawn of understanding, but also a towering visionary for embracing failure.

Why embrace failure? It’s the law.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics to be precise.  Chet Raymo articulates in his post ‘The Second Law’

  • “It is a firm principle of physics that the universe is running down. Energy is conserved, but always moves to more degraded forms. Stars burn out. Planets die. Nowhere is the Second Law of Thermodynamics more apparent than in the tropics. Rust. Rot. Salt. Ultraviolet light. They all take their toll, nibbling away at the little paradise we have tried to build, trying their best to reduce order to dust…And I think of the last lines in Grace Schulman’s book of poems, The Broken String: ‘How all that matters is to stand fast / On the ridge that’s left, and hear the music.’”

Merry Christmas to all!