cracked new year


New Year. New Failures.

This year makes the third edition of instead of forward looking resolutions, retrospective embrace of failures over the past year.

Last year, I cited shortcomings in both my personal life with some athletics aspirations as well as some in my professional life falling short of a few targets.

I did learn from 2011 and in 2012, Piero blew the doors off its performance. We exceeded all of our financial targets and achieved some major milestones like breaking into the USA (the biggest sports television market in the world) and, of course, being the premier product used in the London Olympic Games (by BBC, NBC and NHK). Despite all of the champagne popping, not al was perfect. Specifically, all of the work to deliver on this unprecedented success sapped our resources and focus so that our work on the next product line we are developing was stalled. With this new line being the foundation to our future, this is a big area failure.

On the personal side, I continue to trundle along in my odyssey to bench press 300 pounds. I got up to 280 again this year before some shoulder soreness curtailed the intensity of my training. I also rowed a lot less with the Thames River being in a near constant state of ‘red board’ flooding. On the up side, I have done more running than ever to exercise our vizslas. More work in the gym I am afraid.

A Happy New Year 2013 to everyone. May your year be filled with embraceable failure. And may you find balance between your upsides and downsides.