Bad Beat? Jackpot!

In poker ‘bad beat’ is when an exceptionally great hand that would win 99.9% of the time gets beaten by that 0.1%.

The most painful ‘bad beats’ are ‘suck outs’. These are when a ‘dog’ or a hand ‘way behind’ ends up beating the one that was ahead. Poker has a whole slew of lingo for bad luck and failure.

Most of the action happens on the ‘flop’ when 3 cards shared among all players are dealt onto the board. At this point, the fate of most hands is determined (though the competitors don’t know for sure how they truly stand versus their opponents). The ultimate bad beat usually involves a ‘runner-runner’ meaning that the ‘dog’ had to get not just one great card, but TWO in a row in order to prevail after the flop.

The very worst ‘bad beats’ –a often celebrated in competitive cash table poker with a special jackpot. In fact, is a web site simply devoted to tracking this rare jackpots of failure. The video shows the elation when what should have been a killer hand of ‘quads’ (four of a kind) goes down in flames.