Secret Success From Silicon Valey Geoffrey James


Attaching the word ‘science’ to just about anything imparts a halo effect of authority and ‘fact’. Prominent case in point is the ‘Science of Management’ (or does it merit even more air quotes as in “the ‘Science’ of Management”?). In fact, there is even an academic degree in ‘Management Science’ despite the fact that I have witnessed very little research in the fields of Leadership and Management that one could ascribe any aspect of the scientific method to.

The Ben Goldacre of ‘management science’ drivel has to be Geoffrey James who readily debunks the latest drivel dribbling out of the business world. His post “The 10 Worst Business Books of All Time” is refreshing look at various business babble with a particularly poignant embrace of failure including one of his own books in the list on which he critiques…

  • “This piece of insanely enthusiastic dot-com boosterism lionized some of the most obnoxious managers on the planet. The book, like many other of the period, was full of recycled dot-com bromides and strategies that mostly didn’t pan out as the Internet outpaced the ability of most named companies to take advantages of the trends. However, this book was definitely one of the worst of the lost. And, yes, that is my name and I did write it.”