“A horse needs to be able to fail.  It needs to learn from its mistakes like humans.”

Embracing failure is not just for people.

As Buck Brannaman illustrates movingly in the bio-pic documentary titled ‘Buck’. Brannaman (who celebrated his 51st birthday today) himself is a case study of turning adversity to advantage.  Of turning his harsh and abuse childhood into life lessons and immeasurable empathy. In fact the film’s tagline is “There’s no wisdom worth having that isn’t hard won.”

  • “That vulnerability is what makes you great. That’s why the people who are really good at this, sometimes they’re tortured souls.”

His tale and teaching is also a lesson in Leadership and Management.  Between holding firm (managing – to avoid the downside of dangerously errant behavior), and letting loose (leadership – to allow the horse to build the rapport and abilities some people only dream about).