Gapingvoid Purist


Sex and Cash. Sacred and Survival (Dance). Bleed and Feed.

Hugh is the master is capturing balancing act in the business of creativity. Here it is the business of Leadership and Management. It’s all about the delicate and vital balancing act that is life and living.

  • “As a working artist, I divide my day into two parts. ‘Bleed and Feed’. The Bleed Part. Taking care of business. Doing work for my clients. Working on new Cube Grenade ideas etc. Trying to find new clients etc. Trying to get my bills paid etc etc. The Feed Part. I go and make drawings for myself. Completely non-commercial. Often no more than doodling in my sketchbook. Just me and a pen, trying to feed my well. Often accompanied by a nice glass of red. I try to do both every day. ‘Bleed’ gets my morning and afternoons. ‘Feed’ happens mostly after dinner, before bedtime. Yeah, I guess this is a variation on The Sex & Cash Theory. It’s all good. All successful artists “Bleed and Feed”, in their own way. The ones who don’t– who just try to do one or the other– tend to burn out rather quickly. That’s just Reality.”

Leaders bleed, Manager feed. Both together are needed sustain.