I Ching chieh - limitation


In honour of the Year of the Snake, I feature a some oriental wisdom from the heartland of yin and yang balance.

The I Ching symbol (above) for ‘Limitations’ is ‘The Abysmal / Water’ (above) and ‘The Joyous / Lake’ articulated in the text as…

  • Limitations are troublesome, but they are effective. If we live economically in normal times, we are prepared for times of want. To be sparing saves us from humiliation. Limitations are also indispensable in the regulation of world conditions. In nature there are fixed limits for summer and winter, day and night, and these limits give the year its meaning. In the same way, economy, by setting fixed limits upon expenditures, acts to preserve property and prevent injury to the people.” – I Ching 60.

Leader and Management balance inspiration come from the Chinese sage, Confucius…

  • To go too far is as bad as to fall short.”

Leaders make sure you don’t fall short. Managers make sure that you don’t go too far.

Happy Chinese New Year.