I should have been the official blog for the Davos World Economic Forum last week. The title of one of the main sessions this year was…’Leading Through Adversity. To boot, many of the perspectives and sessions focused on new ways of working and flexible approaches to business (which is the heart of my other online business blog ‘Dynamic Work’) in the over-arching theme of the whole event – ‘Resilient Dynamism’. Unfortunately, Davos tends to be fancy people saying boring things (as opposed to TED which has unfancy people saying interesting things).

The summary of key points lists…

  • Leadership is all about overcoming the fear of innovating and the fear of failure – and going for it.
  • More focus is needed on empowering or disruptive innovations that drive growth and create jobs.
  • Certain countries and leaders understand the value of creating platforms for innovation and shaping environments that attract companies and investors. This is stimulating others to follow.
  • A key ingredient for innovation is talent and the capacity to recognize the need for skills that were not required or valued before.

Worth a perusal to know what the good and the great are talking about lately.