Trash the Dress 2


My other blog, Maldives Complete, featured an embracing failure trend apropos to the now ramping wedding season – ‘trash the dress’.

The wedding dress is one of the most expensive items in any wedding. It is the ultimate single-wear garment (the notion that your daughter will 20-30 years later have similar fashion taste, similar dress size and the dress will have been adequately stored and preserved are actually quite narrow). A perishable bouquet of fabric to adorn the star attraction for a few hours. And then I always wondered about the anxiety of photo-taking grass and mud stains, dinner wine spills and other hazards to this expensive couture through the bustling celebration.

The ‘Trash the Dress’ meme literally tosses away all that anxiety by embracing the demise of the dress. In so doing, the bride can lower her budget for the dress embracing its ephemeral role. In fact, since the objective is to create striking photographs of poses in the dress, the dress is actually better preserved in the memories and mementos of the big day.

Trash the Dress 1