Availability via Repair Centric Design Aaron Brown


We’ve moved from a world of slide rules to the rule of slides. Powerpoint slides that is.

I used about every medium available to explore the subject of failure in the past half decade – poetry, art, essay, cartoon, anecdote, matrix analysis, film, video. Curiously enough, to date I have not used the one medium that has dominated my corporate life – PowerPoint slides.

Maybe some of you think that neglecting that approach is a failure to be truly embraced, but Aaron Brown has done a rather useful presentation “Embracing Failure: Availability via Repair-Centric Design” posted up on SlideShare. In short, he advocates achieving ‘High Availability’ not by not overly investing in the fool’s errand of failure avoidance, but rather investing in making the system really quick and easy to fix when then inevitable failures do occur.