Chase Lynn fail cake


Our little boy is growing up. Chase celebrates his 22nd birthday today. He is thriving in his independent living and now studying the field of his drive and talent, sound art and design. The lectures on living the good life have mostly tapered off from Lori and I, and now he inspires us with insights on growing up. He shared this John Cheese piece “5 Excuses That Prevent Us From Growing Up”. One of my favourite parts was proclamations of the ‘death of dreams,’ a topic I delve into here periodically as a corollary of embracing failure. He exclaims…

  • “[You] need to hear something that may piss you off: F*ck your dreams. F*ck them right exactly in their dream asses. Not off to the side — not a grazing ass poke. Right in it. Right now, you’re working for survival.”

Shame about the cake, but it was delicious.