C S Lewis on dreams


Happy Easter! A celebration of spring’s rebirth and rejuvenation.

Including the rebirth of dreams as C.S. Lewis so eloquently observes (thanks Elizabeth).

I have embraced the death of many a dream in my life, only to have several more replace them in Hydra-like fashion. For those looking to start a new life dream, a few pointers…

  • You have more time than you think – Medicine and healthcare, both in treatment and knowledge of healthy living continues inexorably. This trend not only gives everyone on average more time on the planet, but more productive time as well. 40 is the new 30, 50 is the 40 and so on. Retirements start as late as 75 instead of 60. And the world is full of examples of mid-lifers both extending and resurrecting their careers (especially in sport where the ravages of time tend to be most merciless). Just in my little town of Marlow, I am inspired by the example of Olympic medallist Greg Searle (who happens to often boat for regular outings out of the same mud flat as our rowing team).
  • You have more options than you think – My father has been playing tennis for his entire life. One might think that a tennis career would eventually succumb to nicks and knocks (and he has had knee surgery). But, he has slowly simply shifted his game from singles, to doubles, to doubles with slower pace. You can embrace the failure to perform at the level that you have in the past by shifting to another variation or division.
  • You have more behind your dream than you realise – The dream often gets brought to life by a very tangible visualisation – publishing a novel, winning a prize, starting a business. But in nearly every case, the energy behind the dream is much broader and deeper than just an Amazon listing, a trophy, or a shingle. It is often about expression, excellence or entrepreneurship. Or at an even deeper yet, creativity and appreciation. Very often the death of the dream for something very specific leads to a realisation that the underpinning to the dream still remains to nurture new incarnation.

May the springtimes of your life be filled with the blossoms of new dreams.