Gapingvoid - Remarkable Ridiculousness


  • We embrace ridiculous as the sign that maybe, just maybe, we’re being generous, daring, creative and silly. You know, remarkable.”

Seth Godin offers a fresh perspective on being a remarkable boss…try a bit of ridiculousness. His post “Ridiculous is the New Remarkable” is illustrated by Hugh MacLeod in both artwork and example…

  • It turns out that most of what we choose to talk about today is ridiculous. The dramatically overproduced music video.  The business model that is so generous that we can’t imagine it succeeding. The painter who produces a new painting every single day…Hugh’s cartoons are ridiculous, of course, as is his promiscuous non-business business model. The audacity of caring too much, sharing too much and connecting too much…Ridiculous isn’t safe. If you do something ridiculous and you fail, people get to say, ‘you idiot, of course you failed, what you were doing was ridiculous.’ Which is precisely why it’s so rare. Not because we are unable to imagine being ridiculous, but because we’re afraid to be.”