Gapingvoid - Possible Dream Impossible Nightmare


When Hugh started Gapingvoid a dozen years ago today, little did he dream of the lessons, the reach, the impact, and the creativity it would inspire. He was a blogging pioneer back when it was still a geeky curiosity. Since then, blogging has become passé and then resurgent once again. Throughout the hipness-barometer ups and downs of the medium, Hugh ignored the trends and just plowed ahead exploiting the versatile medium for creativity and connection in his own inimitable way.

Throughout, he has a brought to life all of the themes I explore in my own small corner of the interweb. The power of embracing failure to enrich creativity. The balance of upside and downside in leadership and management. But perhaps the topic where we most connect on is the life shaking cataclysm when dreams die. No matter how impossible the dream and inevitable their mortality, Hugh captures why they are so powerful and essential. The alternative is even worse.

Happy anniversary fellow dreamer.


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