Influence and Peace Eagle and Dove


Our modern day conflicts don’t have big landmark ‘Victory’ days celebrating the end of conflict. Just because the combatant government and military has surrendered, does not mean the campaign is over. As George Soros explains…

  • “The world cannot be ruled by military force. Military power is only one of many ingredients that a country needs to exercise influence over others. Imperial powers did not succeed by the force of arms alone. Even the Ottoman Empire, which was built by conquest, had an elaborate system for maintaining peace and justice and the empire disintegrated when the system broke down.”

This observation echoes one of my earliest pieces back at the outset of the Iraq War contrasting the imbalance of Leadership and Management in that undertaking and looking at the executive personas exhibited by Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell.

Leaders conquer new influence; Managers keep the peace. Both are needed for a thriving empire.