Nat Schools Rowing Regatta 2013


If everything seems under control, then you are not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti

The inverse corollary to Andretti’s adage above is “If everything seems out of control, then you are going too fast.” That is my first instruction to coxes. Coxwains are the leaders of any rowing boat competition. They are not cheerleaders, they are not helmsmen (though they do steer the boat and shout at the rowers). They are Leader/Managers. And the Leader increases the rating (ie. strokes per minutes) when ‘everything seems under control’ and the Manager decreases it when out of control.

It turns out that yesterday’s first day of National School Rowing Regatta competition was completely out of control for everybody as the English weather continued to kick up problems leading to its cancelation halfway through (see above…or should I say ‘sea above’). So for the hundreds of youngsters, especially those just starting out in the sport of rowing whose races were scheduled for yesterday, another lesson in failure. Months of training sessions distrusted by conditions and races cancelled for the same all leading to the big event…which itself has been cancelled. That’s life…no guarantees, no refunds (though competitors due get 50% of their race fees returned).