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If Unitarianism is the ‘Church of Wrong’, then a few of my ‘thought leaders’ (see right side) could be prophets. Like Hugh MacLeod with his ecclesiastical view on wrongness (see above).

And of course Chet Raymo who penned a post on the subject titled "There are more ways of being wrong…”

  • There are lots of ways to be wrong, and fewer ways of being right. There are dozens of mutually contradictory religions, for example, but only one science. There is no conceivable way to falsify a supernatural truth system — such as a religion or Intelligent Design — since whatever is observed or not observed can be ascribed to the will of an inscrutable supernatural being. A scientific hypothesis can be falsified by finding a single reproducible counterexample. There is an irony here. Systems with no conceivable way of confirmation or falsification often claim immutable truth. The one system that holds its hypotheses to the fire of exact reproducible experience claims nothing more than reliability — and looks forward to refine me.”