Happy Birthday Queen!

No not the Scissor Sisters above, but the “real”  one.  Though not her “real” birthday.  An eccentric celebration like so many quirky things in British culture.  It is less about R.E II and really an occasion to celebrate that culture. A quirkiness that fosters so much artistic and creative innovation. As Ana Matronic describes in the article “Scissor Sisters:  Eccentric Britain made us stars” by Jonathan Prynn…

London’s love of eccentrics helped propel the band to stardom. ‘In London when someone is confronted with eccentricity or something strange, they run towards it to better understand it, whereas in the States, if you’re confronted by something different, you recoil in terror and run from it.”

It’s a curious cultural observation. Most assessments of national cultural tendencies for risk taking and failure embracing commercially herald the USA as the paragon, while the UK is decried as somewhat more demure and cautious. And yet from an artistic and creative perspective, I think that the tendencies are indeed reversed. Another case in point is Danny Boyle’s Olympic ceremony (where the Queen herself makes a tongue-in-cheek contribution), possibly the most bizarre and pioneering hodgepodge of imagination and innovation . Just like Britain.