Failure Success sign for sales


Another fiscal year winds to a close and the last day has passed to close those big deals. Like every year in my career, there were plenty of proud wins…but I never neglect the gutting losses. I have already drafted by “Loss Lessons” slides dissecting over a half dozen major losses throughout the year and what we take away from those failures.

John Perrin posted a piece ‘Embracing Failure in Sales’ (thanks Tactical Sales Training) on the silver linings to sales failures this week which reinforced that positive spirit of embracing the negatives (which even an acolyte of failure like myself needs reminding of)…

  • Failure is a good teacher, far more is retained when you’ve tried and failed.
  • Success can and does promote a big ego, especially when it comes to sales professionals. Failing a few times will help to humble you not just now but it’ll remind you in the future too.
  • You become creative and inquisitive when you fail, seeking new avenues to reach that ever elusive "success" factor.
  • Never encountering failure will give you the false sense of security that your ideas and thoughts are always right, failure reminds you to listen to others and take on board their thoughts.
  • Courage is signalled by failure, you’ve gone out of your comfort zone and tried something new which few can admit they’ve done.
  • When you fail you begin to take things far less seriously, you’ll begin to see that the business world is far bigger than it really is.
  • Failure gives you wisdom which gives you the ability to relate to others diminishing any previous salary or job title gaps that commonly separates humans.

Right on target!

It seems that there are so many sales from and for selling from failure, that I have today added a category tag for “Selling” to the blog for all of the posts on this topic.