Lightning over ocean


The ultimate fear for travellers off to sunny holidays is the dreaded rainstorm.

We are on our annual foray to the paradise of the Maldives. For years, we used to visit in February which was the peak season for sunshine and fair weather. Now, July better suits our calendars, but the weather can be a bit more ‘variable’. It’s still warm with lots of sun, but now thunderstorms roll past quite regularly. When we first encountered clouds on the horizon during our paradise trips, I confess to a bit of deflation. But now after several years, I have learned to not just accept, but appreciate some of the subtle changes a rain shower imparts on the landscape.

Today we are at the renowned One & Only Reethi Rah resort in the North Male atoll. And last night, too, we got pelted by monsoon strength winds howling around our water villa. While it spoiled our plans for star gazing on the deck, the whistling tones sang us to sleep. We awoke to a bit of a cloudy and breezy morning, but already the sun is peeking through.

On the bed, the housekeeper had left a bookmark with the following poem on it which seemed as apropos to embracing tumult as it was to the local forecast…


  • Storm

    Lighting like a ray of sun
    Raindrops strangely warm
    Thunder rumbles jovially
    A gentle-natured storm

    A drama in the skies above
    The elements perform
    The ultimate son et lumiere
    Nature’s movie, storm

    The weather’s never-ending dance
    The clouds form and re-form
    Don’t run and hide, stay and watch
    The too-quickly-over storm