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Eid Mubarack!

Eid al-Fitr is one of the most festive celebrations in the Islamic calendar marking the end of Ramadan. In addition to the sumptuous feasting (it is forbidden to feast during this period), there are prayers and sermon typically asking God’s forgiveness, mercy, blessing and asking for “peace”. Peace on earth and peace within. An appropriate reading for the homily would be Peter Fleck’s ‘Come As You Are’ (thanks Dad)…

  • “The memories of negative experiences that shamed or embarrassed me are there, as they are in the lives of each and every one of us, unalterably, immutably. There is nothing anyone of us can do but accept them, live with them, and ultimately cherish them. Yes, cherish them. For lately, I have come to believe that there negative experiences may well be what life is all about…that success is not the absence of failure, but overcoming failure. Not the absence of weakness, but overcoming weakness. Not the absence of a mistake, but the acceptance of mistake which means forgiving the mistake. We are supposed to make mistakes. Things just seem structured that way. We will make our peace with our past when we learn to forgive ourselves for what we have done and left undone and then learn to live with both.”