• Every person makes mistakes at some time in the workplace. Everyone needs someone to come alongside them to help them improve. If you’re a leader, it is your responsibility and your privilege to be the person who helps them get better. That often begins with a candid conversation…Care without candor creates dysfunctional relationships. Candor without care creates distant relationships. But care balanced with candor creates developing relationships.”

John Maxwell coins another dichotomy – between “Candor” and “Care” – which stems from embracing failure and extends parallel the Leader/Manager balance…

  • Caring Values The Person While Candor Values The Person’s Potential
  • Caring Establishes The Relationship While Candor Expands The Relationship
  • Caring Defines The Relationship While Candor Directs The Relationship
  • Caring Should Never Suppress Candor While Candor Should Never Displace Caring

Leaders use candor; Managers use care. Both together are needed to nurture relationships