Warren Buffett and Bill Gates


With the big business news of the week being Steve Ballmer’s stepping down from the Microsoft executive suite, aside from the rampant piling on of critique, the other big angle to the story is who could possibly fill his shoes (especially as no successor was announced). When you scrutinise a short list (or long list) of potential candidates, one sees many of the same shortcomings for which Ballmer is being so mercilessly pilloried. It made me think, who are the real all-star CEOs in big corporate?

At the top of anyone’s Fantasy Executive Team would have to be today’s birthday boy Warren Buffet. A nearly unrivalled track record and a legacy of brilliant business insight. Including the advocacy to embrace failure…

  • If everything they do is successful, they’re a failure,” Buffett says of his children, all three philanthropists. Because it means they’re taking on things that are too easy. They should be taking on things that are tougher. If you look at the history of Rockefeller or Carnegie, not everything they did worked. But they did some very, very important things that worked, that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.” – “Buffett Tells Philanthropists to Fail More

Despite his close friendship with Billg, methinks Warren won’t be stepping into the Microsoft executive suite any time soon especially with his self-confessed apprehension about the whole sector.